You can now dowload the new Fall 2017 Bulletin here!

You can dowload the Spring-Summer 2017 Bulletin here!

You can dowload the Winter 2017 Bulletin here.

You can dowload the Fall 2016 Bulletin here.

It is possible to purchase past editions of the AQW bulletins at the price indicated plus postage.

Below is the list of available bulletins:

Back issues at $5.00 each
Fall 1993 Winter 1993-1994 Fall 1997
Spring-Summer 2001 Fall 2001 Winter 2002
Spring-Summer 2002 Fall 2002 Winter 2003
Spring-Summer 2006 Fall 2006 Winter 2007
Fall 2007 Fall 2008 Winter 2009
Spring-Summer 2009 Fall 2009 Spring-Summer 2010
Fall 2010 Winter 2011 Fall 2011
Spring-Summer 2012 Winter 2013 Spring-Summer 2013
Fall 2013 Winter 2014 Fall 2014
Winter 2015 Spring-Summer 2015 Fall 2015
Winter 2016    

The AQW offers sample swatches left over from past bulletins for sale at $ 3.00 each, plus postage. The technical data sheet and sample are inserted in a sheet protector.

Below is the list of available samples:

Edition Technique Fiber
Fall 1990 Upholstery Fabric
(monk's belt adaptation)
Fall 1995 Waulking
(Twill with some color-and-weave effects)
Wool, La-Mieux "Rustique"
Fall 1995 Waulking (Fabric for suiting) Wool, La-Mieux "Rustique"
Fall 2000 Four Seasons Project - Winter (Twill) Unknown
Spring/Summer 2007 Huck Variation Cotton and Linen
Fall 2007 Double Face Frappé Acrylic and Cotton
Winter 2010 Crackle Weave
(Italian style)
Spring/Summer 2010 Four Colours Double Weave
Lyocell and Mercerized Cotton
Fall 2010 Crackle Weave Acrylic
Winter 2011 Echo Technique Mercerized Cotton
Spring/Summer 2011 Deflected Double Weave Merino Wool and Mercerized Cotton
Fall 2011 Color-and-Weave Effects Cotton
Winter 2012 Huck (weaving as twill) Cotton
Spring/Summer 2012 Deflected Double Weave (12 shafts) Wool, Mercerized Cotton and Cotton
Fall 2012 Name draft Wool, Hi-Bulk
Winter 2013 Little Flower (Summer and Winter) Cotton
Spring/Summer 2013 Losanges multiples (sergé) Acrylic
Fall 2013 Cannelé Cotton, cotolin and linen
Spring/Summer 2014 Blue flag – Floral emblem of Québec (Summer and Winter) Mercerized Cotton, Silk and Linen
Fall 2014 Christmas Cloth (Twill – 10 shafts) Orlec
Winter 2015 Bookmarks (Overshot) Cotton (warp) and Various fibres (weft)
Fall 2015 Twill (24 shafts) Cotton and Linen
Winter 2016 Shadow Weave Orlec (warp) and Various fibres (weft)