Research Group

Research Group
Research Group

Research group procedures:
  • The research group of ATQ consists of members in good standing who wish to deepen their knowledge on a technique or a theme in weaving.

  • The research is done independently at home or in a guild whose membership is in good standing. The type of loom and number of shafts are left to the discretion of each participant.

  • The subject of the research is announced at the annual conference following a workshop on the technique. A summary of the workshop appears in the fall issue of "Au Fils du Temps ..." to inform members who were absent at the conference.

  • Each participant in the research group must pay a fee of $ 5 and will weave a sample of approximately 4 x 4 for all the participants plus two for the Association. Note that the sample size may vary depending on the type of research.

  • Each participant (individual or guild) is committed to:

    a) samples finished with an overlock machine (appropriately coloured thread) or with tape so they do not fray.

    b) prepare as many worksheets as there are samples to weave. A model worksheet is proposed in the winter issue of "Au fils du Temps ...", its use is optional, but required information must appear on a personal worksheet, ex: draft (threading, tie-up, threadling) , type and size of fibre, sample of the fibre, wet finish, comments if needed and name of the participant at the bottom of the sheet.

    c) insert each sheet and the sample in sheet protectors (transparent plastic sleeves).

  • If a participant does not weave the samples, the $ 5 is not reimbursed and the other participants get back the samples that they wove.

  • The deadline for registration is October 31. The number of samples to weave will be specified upon confirmation of registration in early November. Samples must be mailed on the date specified on the registration form (spring/summer issue of "Au Fil du Temps ...") and in the text on the research topic (fall issue). If they arrive late, they will be refused. The delivery date can vary from one year to another depending on the convention date.
  • Research Group registration form: Word version

  • During the convention, participants of the research group are presented with a binder of the samples by the spokesperson. Participants who are not at the convention will receive their binders by mail.